Protype Software Ltd.

Protype Software is a special contracting company set up to build custom software projects started by Ben Szymanski in 2015.

Protype Specializes In...

Web Applications

Web applications built using Python + Django, PHP and VueJS. I excel at data modeling, architecting and simplifying the problem domain. My aim is to architect applications that are both powerful and relaxed.

Web Sites

Websites built in Umbraco CMS or Grav CMS, backed up by six years of experience from contributing to several dozens of web site projects and getting them launched. I know this problem domain well and can guide you through the entire process.

Mobile Apps

Cross-platform mobile apps built using Xamarin. We aim to ship on both iOS and Android, on day one and maximize code-reuse.

Protype Builds With...

  • Django / Python
  • Grav CMS / PHP
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Umbraco CMS / C# & ASP.NET
  • VueJS / JavaScript
  • Xamarin / C#


Protype Software is accepting new projects.

Contact Ben Szymanski on LinkedIn.

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